SmartNDBiz Naturopathic Doctor Awards 2016: And The Winners Are …

Congratulations to all of the NDs who were nominated by their patients for this award … we had over 100 doctors nominated!

Being the first annual awards by SmartNDBiz as part of our way of celebrating Natural Medicine Week in the United States, we had no idea what to expect. (We will be offering the same awards in Canada during NatMedWeek there).

We didn’t know if we would get 5,10, 20 or more nominations, so we are delighted to announce we had over 100 Naturopathic Doctors nominated for the awards by their patients.

Patients were asked to nominate their favorite ND by sharing their stories. A number of NDs were nominated multiple times by multiple patients.

Stories were judged anonymously by our panel of 5 judges and finalists were entered into three nomination categories:

  • Most Caring
  • Above and Beyond
  • Amazing Results

With so many incredible, heart warming, touching and sometimes funny stories, it truly was difficult to choose our winners.

But today we are delighted to announce our three winning Naturopathic Doctors and excerpts from their patients stories that won our judges hearts.

And the winners are:

  • “Most Caring” Naturopathic Doctor 2016:
    Dr. DeeAnn G. Saber –  Tucson, AZ

  • “Above and Beyond” Naturopathic Doctor 2016:
    Dr. Tamara Trebilcock  – Santa Monica, CA 

  • “Amazing Results” Naturopathic Doctor 2016:
    Dr. James Mullane – Danbury, CT

Big Congratulations to all of you. You will be receiving your engraved trophy to display in your practice in the coming weeks. 

I know each and every ND out there does amazing things to help your patients with their health every day … thank you, know you are appreciated and loved by your patients.

Here are some excerpts from the winning entries:

“Dr. DeeAnn G. Saber is absolutely amazing!!  I have seen different Dr’s throughout the years, never has a Dr. been so attentive to my needs, to every detail to take care of ALL OF ME!!  Dr. Saber has given me a new outlook at a healthier lifestyle, a healthier ME, & not having to take 45 different pills to do it.  I feel wonderful. Dr. Saber took her time, took time for ME, never watching the clock to rush me out.  What a huge difference she has made in my life, in my family’s life. Because a healthier ME makes for a healthier family! I only wish others could experience what I have with Dr. Saber. She is compassionate, warm, caring, and truly cares for her patients…”  

“Throughout my life, I never thought my GI health would be optimal.  At a young age, being diagnosed with IBS, I was used to discomfort and pain everyday.  Exhausted from seeing gastroenterologists and other specialists, I decided to try a natural route with my care.  Luckily, I came across Dr. Trebilcock ND on the internet. Not only was she highly regarded by her colleagues and serves on the California Naturopathic Doctors Association, her patient’s success stories secured my decision to go to a naturopathic doctor.   Dr. Trebilcock is very attentive and thorough during your first office visit.  She spent an hour and half with me, and wanted to know about me and my conditions through the years, not just the problem at hand.   She had given me labs to do and a specific wellness plan with supplements to follow until my next visit.  I started seeing changes within weeks of my first visit and after two months of seeing Dr. Trebilcock I never thought I could have felt that pain free.  Long car rides and stressful situations do not worry me anymore because for the first time in my life, I have my health under control.  If I ever have a flare up with my condition, she will always take the time to access what is going on in my life and health and get me back on track.  Dr. Trebilcock completely changed my life…”

“Our 14 year old son developed a very serious but mysterious virus in spring 2014. He was dizzy and nauseous and couldn’t lift his head off the pillow. He had no appetite, and within five days, had lost six pounds. Visits to our MD didn’t help — he was blood tested for Lyme and Mono — both of which came back negative. We were given an anti-nausea pill prescription and told to send him to school. However, when he tried to get up in the morning – he broke into a cold sweat and couldn’t stand. We brought him to Dr. Mullane –who reviewed the MD’s blood test results and saw that the Mono test was incomplete. He then used kinesiology testing to identify our son’s illness. It was Epstein-Barre — triggered by a stressful home situation with a foster child. Dr. Mullane provided several naturopathic and homeopathic medicines for Epstein Barre. By that time — our son had been home for 11 days and lost 10 pounds. Within 2-3 days of taking Dr. Mullane’s medications/supplements, our son felt better and was able to eat. His recovery was amazing and he returned to school the next week…”

Congratulations again & well done Doctors … keep up the great work!


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  • Great work NDs!! So proud to have you part of our profession! Keep up the great work and Congratulations!!

  • Heather DeLuca

    Reply Reply October 27, 2016

    Congratulations, Doctors!!!

    I know the 2 awesome women Docs, personally and can say, I am not surprised. Great job!

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